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TIRR Foundation is advancing medical science, improving care, and enhancing lives for people with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

1.7 million people each year sustain a traumatic brain injury in the U.S.

TIRR Foundation seeks to improve the recovery, health, and quality of life for people who have sustained a spinal cord or brain injury by funding innovative research to find a cure and by fostering programs that advance rehabilitative medicine.

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Every donation TIRR receives results in 20x that for major research grants

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Millions of people worldwide struggle each day with the debilitating effects of central nervous system damage. The endeavor to understand how our central nervous system functions, responds to injury, and recovers has been ongoing for centuries.

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TIRR Family is filled with individuals whose lives have been personally impacted by catastrophic injury, and those who are impassioned to support the goals and efforts of TIRR Foundation.

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TIRR Foundation hosts a number of events, ranging for sports to elegant dinners to fun dances. With the help of its board and volunteers all TIRR events focus on fun, fellowship and FUNDING!

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TIRR News / July 20, 2015

Camp Xtreme Presses Boundaries; Expands Abilities

For the more than 40 young people attending the TIRR Foundation’s 2015 Camp Xtreme, camp was not about marshmallow roasts and pranking your bunkmate, but stretching the boundaries that often come with wheelchair confinement and other disabilities.


TIRR News / April 22, 2015

Connect the Docs

Compelling stories surrounding the dedication of a leading neurosurgeon and a victory over a potentially fatal injury framed an exciting evening during TIRR Foundation’s Connect The Docs, benefitting Mission Connect April 22.


TIRR News / May 14, 2015

Review of Science

The devastation caused by a brain or spinal cord injury came into full focus recently when Baltimore man Freddie Gray sustained a spinal cord injury, allegedly while in police custody, and died just days later, sparking riots throughout the city. But the statistics regarding those types of injuries are even grimmer and are the focus of a Review of Research to take place May 13 and 14 at the Cooley Life Center in Houston, Texas.


TIRR News / May 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Enjoy a review of the past six months of TIRR Foundation accomplishments.


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