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Mission Connect Symposium Renamed in Memory of Dr. Robert G. Grossman

When Dr. Grossman passed away in early October 2021, the world lost a magnificent person. It is difficult to sufficiently honor an individual, who through his compassion and industry, leaves behind such a vast and remarkable legacy. Every person has a story to share of when Dr. Grossman's kindness, generosity, and immense knowledge bettered their life. For TIRR Foundation, he was a constant advocate, visionary leader, and genuine partner you could call upon for advice.
Written by Cynthia Adkins, Executive Director, at 15:53

A Valentine’s Message from Emily Conner Hempel

Most people think that when a person becomes paralyzed that the person simply cannot walk anymore. However, the reality is that there are quite a few systems of the body that are effected by a spinal cord injury (SCI). Body temperature regulation, skin breakdown, high/low blood pressure, neurogenic bowel/bladder issues, osteoporosis, muscle contracture, decreased lung capacity, hypersensitivity, potential sexual dysfunction, and decreased metabolism (I’m sure I missed a few). Not to mention the psychological and social effects of an SCI or disability.
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